Blue Ridge Tiny Homes, Gifting the Dream & Gardens

May 30 & 31, 2015 – what a weekend we had in Barnardsville. Over 400 families attended the Open House for

Blue Ridge Tiny Homes and their most beautiful tiny home just finished and ready for ownership. They lounged in the grand room, shared stories with their children in the loft bedroom, or dreamed out loud about the meals they would cook and share with families and friends. The dynamic conversations were about not just the home, but the lifestyle, and future that will embrace all generations and ages. Retirees, those want to be retired, downsizers, young families, and those wanting to start their first family, were all excited to see how much choice they had and how little was missing from what they already had in their homes.

It is a conscious choice to retain the useful and source out those items, hobbies, habits that clutter our life. What does this leave room for? Gardening and the control of our diets, our health, sunshine, fresh air, a walk on newly turned earth and the smell of soil and plants crushed underfoot while exploring, while leaving behind most thoughts that distracts us from work or troubles.

Can all this come from owning a Tiny Home? All this from a decision to make a difference and change our world to be a more sustainable, community driven, and shared lifestyle.

I think it is just possible.

Bob must admits that he owns a 1966 Airstream (26‘) and finds it a lovely place to be. Wait to you see the inside pictures. So many visitors even I did not get a chance to photograph the spectacular and fully furnished inside!


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