Chill Out: A guide to making the ultimate seasonal treat

Do you remember the expression “to make hay while the sun shines?” Well, with all this recent snow, I’m reminded of my youth and making Snow Cream whenever the clouds allowed. As I grew up, we were warned to only use the snow for snowmen and snowflAKEsnowballs due to the pollution and nuclear tests effecting the atmosphere. But recently, with back-to-back snows and large accumulations, I think it is time to eat snow again! Here’s how to do it.

I prefer a fluffy dry snow to the wet heavy snow (too many ice crystals) but any snow will do. Be sure to scoop the snow from a safe place, like the top of your car or from a clean trusted surface. Ask yourself, “If I dropped a piece of toast on this thing, would I still pick it up and eat it?”

Take a large mixing bowl and place in it 2 or more cups of either milk, half-an-half, whipping cream or a mixture of any of these. Then add sugar, and stir until the sugar is totally dissolved and tastes just as sweet as you like it. Add a pinch of salt and as much vanilla extract as it suites your taste buds. Here comes the fun part: add snow gradually while stirring until the right consistency (or it just feels like ice cream) has been reached. For those of you with a dairy allergy, think “snow cones” and use your favorite fruit juices to mix into the snow and serve.

Pass around bowls and spoons and sit by the fire and just chill out! With enough of the right ingredients I think we can eat our way right into spring.