Does Size Matter?

I had bought the first bottle of wine, a good red cab and had just shared it with a friend. When you go to a winery, you use their glasses and while I prefer a glass with a large bottom and smaller mouth, you have to accept their choice. It was a nice small stemmed glass withbottles their logo. I did not think it important as to how many glasses we each had, the wine was good and the conversation with a dear friend was great. The sun was going down, the bottle was empty much too soon, and not feeling like we wanted to leave just yet, we decided to try a different wine. I always enjoy reading the labels so when the bottle appeared on our table I read about the wine, the winery and of course those government warnings! I then commented about how tall the bottle seemed and how elegant it looked. Or did it?


Looking back at the label, I realized that the bottle was 500ml, not the standard 750 ml I was use to! What is this! It was then that I looked around and discovered that all the bottles at the other tables were the same size. I then looked at the prices for the wine – they were what I would expect for a standard bottle. What a shock! I have since noticed several wineries using the 500 ml bottles and while it might be a way for them to increase profitability (or get more bottles from a small production), I know I might tend to shy away from these wines, because one bottle should have been enough, and size does matter to me.