Spring’s Abundance

In the back yard, the bees are brawling.
The scent of the nectar alone has made them tipsy, drunken, even.
From inside I hear their thick black bodies bumping against the window, making me think at first that a hummingbird has thrown itself against the glass.
Outside, the air thrums with their beating wings.
The petals flatten beneath the whir.
Though these flowers must number in the thousands, they hover over this patch of pink and purple, unable to decide.
Whenever one of their compatriots nears, they rush at each other in a huff.
On the porch steps, I hold my breath as one of them darts towards me.
It hangs in the moist air, inches from my face.
“Are you guarding?” I ask it out loud.
But it turns its back to me and dives head first into the fragrant lap of spring’s abundance.

Brawling bees

Written by: Elizabeth Dankoski helping students get into the school of their dreams p:781.724.9138 | e:info@elizabethdankoski.com | w:www.elizabethdankoski.com | a:Scheduler: http://tinyurl.com/owzpdyl